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Patent cost calculator – India

August 18, 2023
Zatapult's patent cost calculator is a comprehensive patent fee calculator. You can move sliders to get the patent fee estimates for budgeting.
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Estimating the cost of a patent can be challenging. Zatapult’s Patent Cost Calculator makes it easy.

Get a detailed cost estimate for each stage of the patent process.

Simply enter basic details and get an accurate estimate and budget for your patent with confidence.

Check out the calculator below!

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Patent cost calculator - India
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What is a Patent Cost Calculator?

A patent cost calculator is an online tool designed to help you estimate the expenses associated with obtaining a patent. By providing a few basic details, you can get a comprehensive breakdown of the costs involved in the patent process. Zatapult’s Patent Cost Calculator stands out by offering a detailed and accurate cost estimate that includes both government and professional fees.

Our calculator covers all stages of the patent process, from filing and examination to hearings and more. Unlike many other online calculators, we include professional fees in our estimates, which can make up 70-80% of the total patent budget. This comprehensive approach ensures that you get a reliable and realistic cost estimate, helping you plan your budget effectively.

Whether you’re just starting to explore patents or are ready to file, Zatapult’s Patent Cost Calculator is a valuable tool for understanding the costs involved and budgeting for your patent application.

How can I use the Indian Patent Cost Calculator?

1. Visit the India Patent Fee Calculator webpage on Zatapult at https://www.zatapult.com/patent-fees-calculator-india/.

2. Choose the patent options applicable in your case:

  • Government fees (Patent filing & Request for examination) – You will need to choose the type of patent applicant. Depending on the applicant type, the government fee will automatically change. The government fee for individual(s) is chosen by default for both ‘patent filing’ & ‘request for examination’ actions.
  • Professional fees
    • Optional steps (Patent search & Provisional patent) – Getting a ‘patent search’ and ‘filing a provisional patent’ are steps that are not mandatory. Only if you want a search to be done by an expert or start with a provisional patent filing, these fees will be applicable. Hence, in our patent fee calculator, we have entered the cost estimate as 0. If these actions are applicable to you, you can input corresponding fees. Typically, it starts at 5,000 for patent search and from 6,000 for provisional patent filing. (See patent costs in India article for professional fees ranges charged in India)
    • Mandatory steps (Complete patent filing, Request for examination, hearing, grant) – These are mandatory steps so we have provided a default fee estimate for each one of these. You can use the slider to increase or decrease and get a more relevant cost estimate.

3. The calculator will then instantly show you the total fees payable in Indian rupees based on the options and selections made by you, including the government fee reductions applicable to certain types of patent applicants.

4. Use this information to budget for expenses related to filing your patent application till final decision.


Zatapult’s patent calculator provides a detailed budget for all relevant steps in the patent process. Get an accurate estimate of the fees associated with each stage and plan your patent budget with confidence.


  1. Why is it important to estimate patent costs? Estimating patent costs helps you budget for the entire patent process, from filing to examination to hearings. Knowing the costs upfront allows you to make informed decisions and avoid unexpected expenses.
  2. What factors affect patent costs in India? Patent costs in India depend on several factors, including government fees, professional fees, optional steps like patent search and provisional patent filing, and mandatory steps like complete patent filing, request for examination, hearing, and grant.
  3. How does Zatapult’s patent calculator differ from others? Zatapult’s patent calculator provides a comprehensive cost estimate, including both government and professional fees. It covers all steps of the patent process, unlike other online calculators that exclude professional fees.
  4. What are the government fees for patent filing and request for examination? Government fees for patent filing and request for examination depend on the type of patent applicant. The fees vary for individuals, small entities, and large entities. Zatapult’s patent calculator automatically adjusts the government fees based on the applicant type.
  5. Are patent search and provisional patent filing mandatory? No, patent search and provisional patent filing are optional steps in the patent process. However, they can be beneficial for certain applicants. Zatapult’s patent calculator allows you to include these fees if applicable.
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